Data Processing

We can cleanse your data to help maximise your postage savings and prepare for the right mailing services for you.

PAF postcode address file
Mailsorting to 1400 and 70 cbc
Case conversion and salutation
Mail merging
Secure server/FTP

Data Types
We can handle most common data types from simple delimited text through to CSV, XLS, MDB, HTML, XML and any separated or fixed length format, although xxxx.txt (Tab separated value) format files are preferred.

Mortons Mailing can also handle Word, OpenOffice, Sage and most other Label formats, as well as multi-line formats from Microsoft Outlook and many more. All XML database files are also acceptable.

We can receive your data in the manner most convenient to you, whether it is by email, CD/DVD, USB disk or hard copy (subject to an additional charge).

Data Management
Mortons Mailing can undertake the creation of new databases from your existing data and tailor it to your mailing requirements. Databases will be returned in XLS, CSV, TXT or XML formats. Optionally we will maintain updates to it as required.

Data Preparation
We can undertake the preparation and return of your existing data for use in other applications. Such preparation may include the re-structuring of the data to enable sorting by Post Codes, Counties etc., or any specified field, removal of spurious leading or trailing spaces, joining of multi-line records, de-duplication, name formatting etc.


Addressing Services
Mortons Mailing offers a full addressing service turning your address data into finished envelopes or mailers for your own use. These can also be mailsorted to Royal Mail requirements if required.

Label Printing
We can supply Avery Labels printed to your own requirements either affixed to an item or for your own use.

Envelope Addressing
Mortons Mailing can pre-print your envelopes, include a PPI (Postage Paid Impression) and additionally sort them to mailsort specification to qualify them for postal discounts. Return addresses can also be included to maintain your database of “Gone Aways”

Print Finishing
We can merge your database with a customised letter or form and insert these into window envelopes if required.