Direct Mailing

A proven way of getting results, direct mailing puts your campaign in front of your audience either through their letterbox or on their desk. More people open direct mail than emails…

Polywrapping- Multi inserts A5/A4/A3
Clear or personalised Polywrap

Enveloping- C5-C4
Multi Station envelope enclosing machine with up to six inserts
Inkjet addressing
Collating and folding
Personalised Envelopes printed
Postcards printed, addresses and mailed

Hybrid mail
Hybrid mail has grown to become a popular option for smaller businesses and organisations, and here at Mortons we can help you to implement a hybrid mailing solution.

The mailing option, which combines computer technology with the traditional post-box, has brought many benefits, saving both time and money for those who choose to deploy it. Hybrid mailing makes printing, enveloping and transporting considerably cheaper and there is no need to invest in extra equipment or staff, or to have lots of spare office space for housing costly machinery.

For more information on hybrid mail, and how it can help you, contact the team here at Mortons Mailing.