Postal Services

Business Mail
OCR / barcodes
Advertising Mail
Mailsort 1400, 70 CBC
Big Book/ Heavy weight
Parcels 24/48
Publishing mail
Low sort/ High sort entry
DSA (downstream access services)
One Post
TNT post/ premier
Bulk pallet distributions

With our many services we can offer competitive rates from your normal postage stamp. Our rates can save you up to 30% off your normal stamp depending on product, volume and data.

Bulk Deliveries
Often required by our newspaper clients, we can use pallet distribution and bulk carrier networks to move large deliveries. We can shrink wrap or cling wrap your product before loading on to a pallet, which can be delivered anywhere in the UK as well as some international destinations.

Hybrid mail
Hybrid mail has grown to become a popular option for smaller businesses and organisations, and here at Mortons we can help you to implement a hybrid mailing solution.

The mailing option, which combines computer technology with the traditional post-box, has brought many benefits, saving both time and money for those who choose to deploy it. Hybrid mailing makes printing, enveloping and transporting considerably cheaper and there is no need to invest in extra equipment or staff, or to have lots of spare office space for housing costly machinery.

Specialist fulfilment
Mortons understands that not all of our customers’ mailing is machinable or fits into standard envelopes. For that reason, we offer specialist fulfilments:

Bulk packing
Bulk collating
Picking and packing
Belly banding
Glue dots
Binder collation

For more information on hybrid mail, and how it can help you, contact the team here at Mortons Mailing.